Alresford Toy Museum 
(for a Day)

A celebration of toys 2011

Report on the day......
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A fine March day with a superb group of collectors made the 4th Celebration of Toys a wonderful day out.

Many regular visitors from the previous shows felt this was the best yet and praise goes to all those who exhibited and excelled themselves with the variety, quality and interest of their displays.

The report starts in the downstairs hall where visitors were immediately staggered by Adam Heeley’s amazing collection of Bayko on the top display shelf.

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Not one set of terraces but several each with a back yard and outside loo!

 There were plenty of other buildings and Dinky Toys cars and accessories completed the scene, a truly amazing display.

Also on the shelf was a display of Pond Yachts and boats.

 In front were Britains c1960s with an American Civil war skirmish


Cowboys and Indians and Zoo and Farm sets.


Next to Adam was first time exhibitor Malcolm Hay with his collection of rare Dinky Military vehicles made by Meccano in Liverpool and their French factory.

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 I was particularly impressed with the missile launcher and accessories as well as the pre-war set.

The camouflage cloth set the scene and the laminated  information sheets gave visitors an insight into the history and development of Dinky Toys.

Fourth time visitors were Allen and Judith Hinckling with Allen’s magnificent display of wooden castles, a large number of people commented on how wonderful the castles were as they left.

Allen had 18 forts on display,16 were 100 years old or more.  The oldest was from 1870.They were by Moritz Gottschalk, Oscar Beier, Richter & Wittich, and Tri-ang. All had an appropriate display of figures by Britains, Elastolin, Starlux, Johillco and unknown origin.


This was also a rather poignant display as it will be the last time Allen will be showing these castles as they have all been sold to a
Toy Museum in Greece.

Owen and Valerie Roberts were showing off Owens’s lovely display of working steam models which included an electrically fired Wilesco d32el which ran all day and used about 4 litres of rain water. Also a meths fired 1920’s Doll & Co, engine. Also on display a larger Doll engine and a Mamod with workshop tools. 0 gauge live steam engines on display were large and small Bing 0-4-0’s from the 1930’s. With peeps and whistles all day it kept everyone wide awake.

Frank Paine entertained us with another exhilarating display of Meccano, a superb Eiffel tower with lights  and a huge Schools Steam locomotive were just two of the fascinating exhibits. I also spotted a vintage style  sports car with a motorised  chassis with working three speed and reverse gearbox, and working differential.  Also there were several push buttons for kids (of all ages!) to press to make the models work. A yellow tram and aircraft plus examples of many boxed sets were also on display.


Howard Star-Keddle showed off his wonderful collection of Tri-ang Minic toys from the 1930s to the 1960s.

I was very impressed with the variety of Car garages; however the Rota Park was one of my favourites.

Several late plastic toys were also in the display including an Elephant with a Howdah, all on Howard’s excellent purpose built display shelves.


In the middle of the room Bob Leggett had set up a variety of exhibits.

A collection of Mettoy Tin Buildings including an Emergency Ward Ten General Hospital complete with Doctors, Nurses and Patients.

 Spot on cars and Corgi set

Lego from the sixties including three shop display models and a complete town plan so full it would make Hong Kong seem quiet!

A collection of three Binbak toys, a Shop, Castle and Zoo completed the display.

Dave Angel checks Bob's display!

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