Alresford Toy Museum 
(for a Day)

2010 Opening

Sunday March 14th

11am -4pm.

Alresford Community Centre, New Alresford, Hampshire
SO24 9AG

Despite being Mothering Sunday over 300 people visited the 3rd annual Toy Museum for a Day. With plenty of changes from last year new and visitors from previous years were given another treat with collectors from all over the country showing their wonderful collections.

In the main hall downstairs Howard Starkeddle had set up a superb Tri-ang Minic display. It includes an elaborate stand built especially for the show together with an original Minic shop display stand. On display were metal Minic Cars and Lorries from before WW11 as well as a large display of plastic vehicles and novelty toys from the post war range. With extra lighting this was a mouth watering display.

Alongside, Frank Paine had set up a magnificent display of Meccano with a fantastic model of Tower Bridge as the centre piece. Several other working models were on display including a windmill, Stephenson’s Rocket and several static displays. This display spanned the many years of Meccano and was much admired.

In the corner Owen Roberts again delighted us again with his variety of Steam models with several working throughout the day. Models included Willesco, Mamod and Bowman plus there were some electric examples.

Allen and Judith Hinckling had made the trip for the third year and this time displayed a huge wooden Wild West town complete with Forts, Saloons, Jails , Stores, Indian Reservations and of course a wagon train , 7th Cavalry . Most of the buildings are from the 50’s and 60’s and the figures are a mixture from Britains, Crescent and Timpo. The detail in this display was superb and each time I looked at it found another little gem.


Adam Heeley has probably the most extensive toy collection I know and he was displaying Britains Zoo including the rare plastic base (it is very fragile , made of thin plastic , hence the rarity)Adam also had on display Britains World War 11 soldiers and vehicles plus a collection of farm animals and buildings. He also made the Bayko, Betta Bilda and Minibricks display and with Allen Hinckling and Bob Leggett set up the Fort and Castle display on the large shelf. Well done Adam!


The reminder of the displays in this hall  were by Bob Leggett and included Lego shop display models from the 60’s, Mettoy Tin Building including an Emergency Ward Ten General Hospital with a variety of Ambulances plus a Hangar and plane,


A small collection Dinky Corgi Lesney and Matchbox plus a small Tri-ang Spot –on display with help from Adam.

In the back hall downstairs Ann Jihali and partner Graham were displaying Sindy for the first time. Ann had a lovely collection and included the rare caravan. Sindy was also wearing clothes that were made by Ann when she was young. Next year Ann is hoping to bring arrange a Sindy with her horses display.

Carol and Paul Spooner are a bit like Adam and have a huge variety of Toys although Paul specialises in Tri-ang toys. Carol had an excellent display of Watch with Mother toys and other early related TV toys including Muffin the Mule , Bengo and Mr Turnip. Carol also had a display of Prams and a Tri-ang Dolls House. This was another mouth watering display full of loads of hard to find items from the 50’s and 60’s. Paul had expanded his superb collection of Tri-ang and is a real treat for Tri-ang fans. Most of the large toys are represented and included early wooden toys as well as the last series of Tri-ang Hi-way vehicles up to 1977 when Tri-ang eventually went bust.

Another first this year was a very professional display of Bendy Toys by Brian Salter. Most of us know the usual  Bendy toys figures such as Mickey Mouse and Rupert  however on display were finger puppets as well as Splitting image heads, I also spotted a Terry Wogan head and a Buzzby although most unusual one was a Pot Noodle figure which may have been used for advertising

Also in this room was a collection of Toy Shops and Post Offices and Britains floral Garden by Bob Leggett.

Upstairs was the main hall and was really the big boys den as this was where the trains and Airfix were. Our first display however is by Clive Gehle, Clive is a life long Lone Star toy collector and had another superb display of Lone Star toys. This included several toy Irons with a plastic stick on plugs! An Impy toy car display and a large collection of diecast toys including several Lone Star Treble O trains sets.

Two Airfix collectors came along and by chatting before the show made sure they would not duplicate their displays and give visitors a superb coverage of Airfix kits and Toys. Steve Knight had on display Airfix Presentation sets  and Tony Waring was displaying a huge collection of bagged and boxed Airfix models.

The two collections together were excellent and a great treat for Airfix collectors.

John Hollands and Derek Shrubb were running a neat layout of Hornby M Series clockwork trains. John has this down to a fine ark and it still amazes me how the trains can go so fast without falling off. This was a great little display and brought back a lot of memories.

Alongside John Reeves with help from  his granddaughter had set up a fantastic Hornby Dublo three rail layout with plenty of contempary scenic items. I was particularly impressed with his road set up  that included Matchbox and Dinky cars and buses.

In the corner  Dave and Karen White had set up a large Triang 1960s train layout . This also includes working Minic Motorway, Model land buildings and a huge town created from Akitex. The layout was also populated with Minx vehicles and model land figures and was every boy who had a Tri-ang layout dream in the 1960s. A fantastic display..

On the stage Dave Angel had set up his lovely collection of Tri-ang sit on animals including several new ones this year . Dave had also  brought along his Jump Jockey to run the Alresford Grand National. Jump Jockey is not as easy to operate as you may think and the public were allowed to test their skill.. Another excellent display

I would like to thank my wife Fiona plus Claire, Hillary , Wendy , Dale and Owens’s wife for helping with the refreshments during the day plus the various helpers on the door.