Alresford Toy Museum 
(for a Day)

2009 Opening

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All photos by Bob Leggett unless otherwise credited

The second Toy Museum for a Day was held at Alresford Community Centre on Sunday 15th March. Despite the warmest day of the year so far approx 450 visitors came to the show.

At the entrance was an eye catching full size Dalek made by residents and day visitors to the Simply Unique Studio at Bells Piece, A Leonard Cheshire Disability home for people with learning difficulties.

The ‘museum’ is a collection of toys brought together by various collectors from around the country. As we enter the downstairs hall we are taken back to the sixties with a bucket and spade plus model boats seaside display.

Alongside is a full Subutteo collection with grandstands, floodlights and lots of spectators, photographers, ball boys etc. The ball was set up so many of the public could not resist flicking the player to score a goal.

In the corner John Dickens and Owen Roberts and friends kept everyone warm with an array of steam engines, hissing and whistling all day; John also had some S.E.L. electric motors working.

In the opposite corner Allen and Judith Hinckling had set up a wonderful display of Spot-on Cotswold village with the very rare Rubber Castle as the main attraction at the top of the hill. Only two castles are known to exist and the other owner was at the show! Allen and Judith spent a lot of time making ‘real’ trees and populated the science with Britains smaller figures and Spot on cars from Adam Heeley and Bob Leggett.

Alongside the far wall was a Wild West display with a Playcraft wooden fort, Park Toys

 Dodge City, Timpo Indian Village plus a Timpo American Rocket Train set. Figures by Crescent, Timpo and Britains plus a confederate Wagon train completed the scene.

In the corner of the back wall was a small display of Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox toy cars, A London Double deck bus collection was also popular and included a large Tri-ang sit on bus.


The rest of the back wall was Adam Heeley’s lovely display of Britains Farm series from pre war up to the 70’s.

This was a very impressive display and also included a Scout camp and Salvation Army band. In addition there was a Tour de France of 20+ cyclists (unknown maker) and a Britains Fox Hunt set.

On the ledge above the farm display were toy forts by Ubilda, Tri-ang and Gee Bee as well as buildings by Bayko.

In the centre of the hall was a display of construction toys including Minibrix, Bayko Arkitex (both Scales)

and 1960’s Lego including a complete Town Plan. A Meccano display by Adam Heeley including several aircraft, a working windmill and a Clockwork horse and Cart.


There was also a Mettoy display of Tin Buildings including Dolls House, Omnibus Garage and pride of place a Mettoy Emergency Ward 10 Hospital complete with beds patients, Doctors and Nurses.

As we move to the back room we pass Dave Lyons interesting display of Tri-ang Lionel sets. I remember these in the Tri-ang Railways catalogues and Dave is gradually collecting the whole series. The cost of manufacturing these toys must have been immense and sales were I believe quite poor.

In the back room Sandy and Harry Constantine had a wonderful selection of Dolls from the 1880’s to 1950’s. I know nothing about Dolls however the display was excellent and many doll aficionados spent a long time at the stand.


Alongside was a large Dolls House in an Edwardian setting.

On the far wall was a collection of Toy shops made in the late 50’s by Ideal and one by Tri-ang. They included a Bakers, Candy Shop and Grocers. With tills, scales and toy money they were a very colourful display.

A Chad Valley Queen Mary model was next to the shops; this card model opens up to show wonderful detail of each deck. A buildajig model of a small boat was also on display.

There was also a 1930’s card bungalow and a Mettoy tin Bungalow with a Britains Floral garden from the 60’s

Carole and Paul Spooner brought along their amazing Watch with Mother and other early TV toys plus a large collection of Tri-ang Toys. I was particularly impressed with a puppet of Bobtail from Rag Tag and Bobtail; this is a very rare toy in excellent condition.

Carole had added to her collection since last year, many visitors were reminiscing whilst visiting this display. Paul had a Tri-ang Theatre he purchased at last years Toy museum. on display


plus a selection of minic and larger Tri-ang vehicles.

A small collection of large and small Wells Brimtoy lorries completed the exhibits in this room.

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