Alresford Toy Museum 
(for a Day)

2009 Opening Continued

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As you enter the upstairs hall your eyes are drawn upwards by Andy and Elaine Hyelmans impressive display of Alresford Crafts. These are soft furry animals made in the Station Mill Alresford up to 1992.They even added to the collection on the day.

Steve Knight was flying the flag for Airfix and Kitmaster and had an excellent display of early kits including James Bond sets

In the corner Ashley Barton with help from Marcus had set up a massive harbour of Tri-ang Ships with extra harbour and included a very rare Revell submarine shed. On the shelf above was another excellent display of made up Eagle kits. On the top was a collection of Tri-ang Ship attractive boxes.

As we move along the back wall we come to the first of three train sets on display.

John and Briony Hollands with friend Nick Kelly had set up an excellent 8’ x 4’ Hornby MO set and ran clockwork trains for most of the day with the occasional rest when a Mettoy safety electric train did the duties.

Alongside Brian and Norma Kirwin had Brian’s lovely Dublo layout with a a pre-nationalise display, Brian was particularly please with his LNER  0-6-2 which he has had since the 40’s and still runs beautifully.

In the corner Dave White and his wife Karen and son Thomas set up a fantastic 11’ x 7’ Tri-ang super4 layout with Minic motorway crossing the track twice with cars stopping for the trains, Model land and Arkitex.  This layout also had my adapted Subutteo cricket team which blended in well with the model land buildings. The Subutteo figures were modelled by the same person who made the model land figures so they fit in well on a Tri-ang layout.


The stage was taken over by Dale and Dave Angell’s collection of Tri-ang sit on toys with at least three new ones this year, two of which were an Elephant and a Poodle. Another lovely display.

Dave also had his popular Jump Jockey setup and allowed visitors to race. It’s not as easy to jump the fences as you think!

Next to the refreshment area Clive Gehle had a sweet collection of 1960’s plastic toys –mainly copies of British Toys. I was particularly taken with a Bluebox Airport with it’s original paper plan. Clive also had an excellent collection of Lone Star toys with some of the first items issued just after WW2.

Next was David Lord has set up a neat Scalectric track. The scenery was old Scalextric however David allowed the public to race modern cars.

Food was provided by Fiona Leggett, Claire Whale, Hilary Noble, Wendy Varham and Jo Lord-and yes the cakes were wonderful.

As a fundraiser for Leonard Cheshire disability approx £300 was raised.

Thanks to everyone who helped set up and provide exhibits, cook and serve food, man the door etc . Without whom the day would not work.

I hope to arrange another Museum for a Day next year but would appreciate any offers of help particularly setting up and taking down the exhibits, tables and chairs etc

Also anyone who has a toy display they feel would suit the show please also contact me.

Thanks Bob Leggett






2009 Report